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    LR Mobile crashing after a few edits

    mbeast42 Level 1

      Hi all! Recently updated to LR Desktop 2015 and LR Mobile 1.5.0.

      Whenever I edit on Mobile, it will crash after 3 or 4 images. Upon restart (of LR Mobile) it has only lost the last image's edits.

      Not sure (haven't tested definitively) but crashes seem to be primarily when cropping.

      Syncing seems to be fine. No other issues. iPad has also been rebooted a number of times.


      iPad Mini, 64GB (14GB free), IOS 8.3

      About 25,000 images sync'd in 183 collections. Crash happens in any collection.

      I've been using LR Desktop since V3 and LR Mobile since it came out.

      I did have an issue with a previous version of LR Mobile (1.3) and did do a complete re-sync (deleted all mobile data) in April. That issue was corrected in 1.4 (thanks Guido!).

      I'm hesitant to jump to a complete refresh as it takes a few days to re-sync as I prefer to have about 7,000 images available on the iPad for local offline editing. Plus just resyncing 25,000 images up to Adobe takes time.


      Thanks, any help appreciated!