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    Thinking about buy Lightroom


      I have learned Aperture and got really good at it. Problem is apple now not use it anymore so it's become and problem. I want to Know what Lightroom I should get for apple. I'm new to Photo shop and Lightroom so  is there a class? I take about 5,000 Pictures of month for events and The love of my Camera. I Use a Canon 7d Mark ii.

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          kentdesign Adobe Community Professional

          Many of us saw the writing on the wall with Aperture. It originally had a few advantages in organization, however Lightroom became better and better and today, with the integration of Photoshop, it is a fantastic resource for photographers.

          I suggest you purchase the subscription of the photographers bundle, which is $9.99 a month on going. Although most of your work will probably be done with LR, you might use PS for fine edits on specific images - especially for fine art. Also the subscription not only keeps you up to date with the latest tools Adobe implements, it also includes free tutorials on line that are not available elsewhere. It also add some on line storage, however for a photographer, it is too small for storing all your photos. the online storage is useful if you need to collaborate or share some images.

          I suggest watching the AdobeTV classes by Julianne Kost and a few others for learning LR - and also watching the videos that you get with the subscription. And stick with LR for now. Also, before you import your whole library of photos from Aperture, create a "Test Library and LR Catalog" when you first start LR. Import about 5 images and learn how to import correctly and check out WHERE you Image files are after import. It is tempting however I recommend not getting into photo editing until you understand fully the import process and the organization of the Library and Catalog in LR. Once you understand the cataloguing features of LR and are comfortable with the layout, you can start importing your old Aperture items. Again, all the training videos Adobe provides on Adobe TV plus the special ones you get with the subscription should get you into LR comfortably. The most important thing I have found in teaching is to create that test catalog and library, understand the nomenclature and get comfortable with the process BEFORE you fill up your library and catalog and start editing photos. Also, just in case, I suggest keeping your Aperture photos on a separate hard drive as a back up - in case you do go ahead an import everything, get confused, or something happens. With your originals safe on a separate hard drive, you can always import them again. The learning curve with LR is all in the beginning with the Library module and Import dialog box. 

          If you keep this forum question going, I will also try to answer any questions you have going forward.

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            MDiVia Level 1

            Where do you buy the photographers bundle? Do you buy Lighthouse 6, then buy the Bundle? Learning new software is pain but I like how this bundle is working for reason of learning it. ( Is there class online, or is there places in NJ/PA USA that Teach it if I want learn more?) Is there a way to use the software where you can change photos when you Transfers them in, Like adds a little more Black point with auto Setting?