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    lost saved book


      I had a seventy page book saved with photos and text. I was working on the cover using one of the optional layouts that permitted me to populate a grid on the back cover with thumbnails of all my images. Below the grid was a space for text. I highlighted the text box and began entering the text "Med..." at which point the entire contents of my book went “poof” and all that was left on the production screen was an empty cover, an empty beginning page spread, and an empty ending page spread.

      I clicked on my saved book in the Collection panel, my files were there, but it did not display my completed pages and photos, just a beginning page.

      My photos are still displayed along the lower panel of LR.

      Where did my work go? Did I inadvertently think I was entering text and instead entered shortcuts to remove all and start over?

      Is there anywhere on Lightroom's Catalog or saved files where I can find the book I saved yesterday?

      If I just start over, I might make the same mistake and lose all my work.

      Should I just go back to InDesign and grunt through the complete layout process?