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    Creative Cloud App not responding

    gregb70136230 Level 1

      all day long. nothing but problems with this app. works sometimes, but most of the time it does this. How to fix?


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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

          Hi Greg,


          Please refer to the threads below where similar issue has been addressed:

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            Bobben49 Level 1

            It may be your Network Card Driver is incompatible with the Creative Cloud App. In My case the Creative Cloud App would log in but then only show a blank rectangle labeled "Creative Cloud. I had two multiple hour sessions with Adobe Tech Support trying all the stuff above while controlling my computer remotely to no avail.  

            My solution:

            I uninstalled my Windows 7 PCIe Realtek GBE Driver and installed the Realtek Windows 8.1 PCIe GBE Family Driver fixed everything, the flashing hourglass -gone, the Libraries module flashing -gone, Creative Cloud blank -now working. I was running Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) when this problem started month ago when I upgraded to Photoshop CC 2015 and the most recent version of CC app, I upgraded to Windows 10 pro (64 bit). The Windows 10 installed a NIC driver that slowed my Gigabit Ethernet card to 100mbs, so I downgraded to Windows 7 driver so problem persisted until I installed the Windows 8.1 drivers.

            I don't know if this only applies to just the Windows 7 RealteK PCIe GBE Driver or if it applies to other operating systems and different ethernet chip manufacturers, but it does give you another avenue to explore.