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    In-RIP from InDesign gives only cyan channel?


      Hi everyone,


      Bit of a problem here.  I'm trying to print a small press-sheet for my work, and every time I try to do so, it only prints me the Cyan channel, despite choosing In-RIP Separations.  We'll do larger press-sheets off-site at a professional printer's, but this run is so small that it has to be done in-house.  I thought perhaps the printer was having issues, but I took one of our larger press-sheets and applied the same print settings, in the same InDesign file, and managed to print a portion of it just fine in full color.  Any ideas what's happening?




      • InDesign CS5
      • Printing to: Xerox Color 550-560 Integrated Fiery
      • Using a Mac (OS X, Ver. 10.7.5)
      • File type is DCS 2.0, Binary (I would think this wouldn't much matter - ALL of the image files we print are this, and we don't usually have this issue)