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    Some Help with Code please?

    briiiiin Level 1
      Hi, Basicly i hope someone can help me with a small issue. Im new to flash.

      I found code which uses a switchboard to switch between a broadcast to the swf player or client side.

      I want to to have a single connection button(at broadcaster side) that will cut the switcher and enable the broadcaster to connect directly to the client.

      Im not sure what exactly to change or add inthe current mains code.
      Please help. Thanks.

      (the switcher has only one button[cut_btn] that switches a stream in embedded video [prev_video] which is activated when a broadcaster USERID is selected from a datagrid[broadcasterList_dg])
      I want a single connect button in the broadcaster which will do what the switch button does but cut out the clicking of a datagrid and previewing basicly cut off the switcher altogether.