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    Please help with Actions and Lables

    BNomad Level 1

      I am really struggling, please help.  On my project I have 4 symbols.  The first three symbols run one after another.  During the 3rd symbol if you click on the Robber element, I want it to take you to the 4th symbol at label "Get" and continue playing through label "Rest".  If any of the other elements in the 3rd symbol are clicked then I want it to take you to the 4th symbol at label "No" then stop at "Get" and continue playing at label "Rest".  The labels and actions I put directly on the timeline are not working.  The 4th symbol plays all the way through without starting or stopping at any of the labels.


      For instance, at the end of label "No" I put  -




      I've also tried:



      I even added an action directly to the symbol to see if it will stop 'sym.stop();' and that doesn't even work.  This has been done with the autoplay on and off.  When I set the action from the element in the 3rd symbol, it just plays the 4th symbol from the beginning all the way through.  Any suggestions?