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    Eksternal swf's in Flash8

      I have a big Flash project, 500 pictures in 1024 x 768px split in over 20 .swf's.
      Every .swf contains up to 30 pictures linked together with labels. Many has internet and mail functions.
      I wish to use a preloader to each .swf due to size.
      The .swf's is fx called: 1.swf - 2.swf - 3.swf
      1.swf is going to be replaced by 2.swf and so by 3.swf aso

      I have tried loadMovie: loader_mc.loadMovie("1.swf");

      and tried the Loader 1024 x 768: myLoader.contentPath = "1.swf";

      Everything functions 100% until the preloader is added. The preloader is added as scene1
      in every .swf. Each .swf is functioning with the preloader.
      1.swf loads 2.swf, but when 3.swf is loaded from 2.swf, the picture is about 400% enlarged.
      Only upper left corner of the picture is visible.
      The same if I open 3.swf,witch opens normal, and tries to load 2.swf from 3.swf.
      The 2.swf opens 400% enlarged.

      The preloader has staus bar and % loading:


      myInterval = setInterval(preload,100);

      function preload() {
      var current = _root.getBytesLoaded();
      var total = _root.getBytesTotal();
      var pctLoaded = Math.round(current/total*100);
      pct_txt.text = pctLoaded;
      loaderBar_mc._xscale = pctLoaded;

      if (current >= total) {

      Do anyone have an ide what is happening? Howe can I avoid this problem?