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    Retaining overstate in Fireworks 8 generated Pop-Up Menu

    Nick Barling Level 1
      Hi all,

      Some of you may be aware of the small JavaScript changes that you can make to the Fireworks generated code when building a Pop-Up menu that allows the overstate of the active frame image to be retained when mousing over a pop-up item.

      I have used this code successfully with menu items that all gererate a pop-up menu. However, when modifying the code (basically, cutting the function MM_swapImageRestore(); from the html page and placing it in the js file) when I have one or more menu item that don't spawn pop-up sub menus the non-pop-up spawning menu item upsets the code behavior.

      On mousing from a pop-up spawning menu item directly onto a non-pop-up spawning menu item the pop-up spawning item retains its overstate fram image and does not carryout the swapImageRestore(); function.

      Does anyone know the JavaScript code adjustments that are necessary to allow the mixing of pop-up and non-pop-up spawning menu items that allow the frame image overstate to be preserved when mousing onto a spawned pop-up menu?

      Thank you for any comments or suggestions.

      PS I don't need other pop-up menu suggestions as I am concentrating on solving this specific issue with this post.


      Nick Barling