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    Lightroom mobile photos vanished after syncing


      I have been using lightroom mobile and had edited my photos (they were so perfect). I finally got my PC laptop replaced and when downloaded lightroom i tried to sync - it told me that i had no photos or collections. I then went back to my mobile and it said there were zero photos also. Where did they go????

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Did you connect your Adobe id to a new catalog. Just asking since the Lr Mobile service only supports a single catalog.

          While doing this Lr Desktop normally comes up with a caution alert. Did you notice an alert?




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            Same thing happened to me, the alert did come up, but it said to sync. I need my pictures back, i can't find them!


            Please help!!!

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              ollyt rat

              Something similar has just happened to me.  I am just ill.  I had to reinstall windows Adobe CC and I think in the process of reinstalling lightroom, it overwrote the lr mobile downloads folder.  I had recently set the preferences to download mobile images into a different drive and organize by date as well.  But I am missing over 1000 files.  Many of them were shot on my iphone and also backed up to Google, so I expect to be able to recover them, but I also have lost a few hundred family holiday images that I imported to Lightroom as raw files from my D750.  Lightroom has them located in the Lightroom Mobile Downloads folder (which happens to be a drive that doesn't get backed up as it holds the default "pictures" folder which I hadn't used and didn't know Lightroom was using).  The downloads folder only has data from the time that I reinstalled Lightroom and reconnected to Lightroom Mobile.  Help!  Any thoughts?

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                peter-b Adobe Employee



                Can you please point your browser to lightroom.adobe.com, login with your Adobe ID, and see if your missing photos are available? 

                This will show all of your photos that were successfully synced.



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                  ollyt rat Level 1

                  Thank you Peter.


                  Indeed the photos are still on my device(s) and on the web but the folders on my local machine are gone.  While new photos are syncing from my mobile devices, there are the 3 dots perpetually on my synced collections where the "missing" photos live.  I don't want to unsync those collections as I am worried that will pull the "missing" photos off of my device and off of Lightroom web.  (I did phone Adobe support as well and they said that even though the photos are on the web, there is no way to save them locally.)


                  My plan at this point - I haven't tried yet - is to go on to my device and save images from Lightroom Mobile to my camera role.  I am guessing they will not be full resolution but based on Adobe smart previews(???) and it will be tedious, but at least I will have them.  A number of them were taken with the lightroom app as dngs, so perhaps I will get better resolution with them?  Thankfully these are not client pics, but they are pretty important memories for me. 

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                    peter-b Adobe Employee

                    As a general update here, we are able to send a link to all of a user's files on the server in cases like this one.  I'm making sure our phone support team is aware of this as well.


                    We hope to make it even easier in the future, but for now, please contact us should you be in a situation like Oliver's.



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