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    Imported LR files not visible


      Need help... using lightroom CC2015.  I imported some raw files a few days ago. Did some editing today and exported to a sub directory of the main files called "Edited". Files are not on my hard drive under that sub directory... and now they are not visible in LR either.  I have tried to re-import (not happy with that after spending 2 hours editing), and I only see grayed out images with the message that they are duplicates of files already in my catalog. I rebooted and restarted everything... no difference.  Argggg! Can someone help?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did your originals disappear from Lightroom? That's probably not the case. Look at your "all photographs" section to see if they are really gone. The fact that it grays out images upon trying to import them again means that they really are in your catalog. You probably just aren't looking in the right place. What did you select when you originally imported for what to do with the files? Lightroom might have moved or copied them into a different folder than where you had them depending on what you chose in the import dialog. When you find them in your catalog, control or right click one of the images and select "Show in Finder/Show in Explorer" to show you where the actual files it is using are.

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            Goredcar Level 1

            Thank you Jao!!! The all photographs did reveal my images. For some reason LR had copied them to a new path and created a new directory.  I have been a LR user for 5+ years and I have never had it do this. I have always selected to leave the images where they were and import from there so it is basically establishing a link to that path.  It had a created the new directory on my SSD drive, which is not what I want. I keep all RAW image files on a different drive so that I am not cluttering up my SSD which is not that big. I am guessing that if I move the files LR will complain that it can't find them. Is there a quick way to get LR to find the files at the new location.  Thanks for your help... much appreciated!

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you right (or control) click on the folder that they are in in the folder tab in Lightroom, you can select Update Folder Location and make the link point to the location where your originals still are since you copied them. This will link the folder and the images in it to the correct location. After this (and you are satisfactorily certain everything works correctly) you can get rid of the images in the location where Lightroom had copied them too.


              I've noticed that sometimes after an update Lightroom forgets the settings in the import panel. Perhaps that happened here.