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        vladan saveljic Level 4

        it seems that fonts are not embedded in pdf (or missing glyphs)

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          MrMathType Level 3

          To get MathType support, it's generally better to write support@dessci.com. That said though, try this...


          Those number set symbols come from the font MT Extra, which is present on every computer on which MS Office is also installed. However, MathType installs a different copy of MT Extra with more glyphs in it. That's why the number set symbols don't show up; they're not present in the MS Office version of MT Extra. These symbols are also in Euclid Extra font, which is also installed by MathType. Switch these symbols to Euclid Extra and see if they come through. I recommend not switching the MathType "Extra Math" style to Euclid Extra though; insert these symbols and use "Other" style to switch only these symbols to Euclid Extra font. Once you do that, select them (one at a time), and drag to an empty spot on the toolbar so you don't have to do this again.


          I don't have access to Scholarone, or I'd try it myself. If that doesn't work, another thing to try is to contact Scholarone support (or support for your journal) and ask if they have a preferred font for math symbols.


          Curious -- you posted this to the InDesign Community. Is InDesign involved in your workflow, or just Word/Scholarone?


          Bob Mathews

          Design Science.

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            alexten Level 1

            Thank you for your kind reply. I do not know how to solve it. Then I gave up using Word to edit the paper and try Latex. I found this problem is disappeared.