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    Flex or Laszlo?

    xyco45 Level 1
      Well I started out with Flash 2004 MX and then moved my way up.. and now I am starting to use Flex 2.0 and being a big fan of ActionScript 2.0 I am LOVING ActionScript 3.0! But being a big fan of open source when I heard about Laszlo I was a little curious.. then when I looked into it, and it seems that Laszlo can do a lot that Flex can do and support flash player 5 and up... unlike Flex (unless it can.. please tell me it can :-D). So I was all like "wow.. thats pretty sweet I got to give it a go!" I did and well, eh, so far I don't like it, it seems you need java sdk installed which really isn't to big of a deal. But I mean with flex it was like quick install and quick start up and yah I was building my first app no sweat!

      Okay after I installed Laszlo the setup is odd.. you have to have the server running.. and its all browser based, eh, not the most appealing thing (unlike the Flex builder :-D). And then I tried to compile and run it.. well I compiled it and ran it but I was only able to get it working with in the browser based editor and I have no clue on how to implement a .lzx file... when I tried to look for support and some type of forum based help on the main website.. it was almost impossible to find a forum of some sort and a lot of the pages on the website ( http://www.laszlosystems.com )has a lot of "can't find pages" popping up.. its all really irratating. I am most likely going to stick with Flex 2.0 but do you think I should keep tinkering with Laszlo or just drop it completely and put all my effort into Flex 2.0?