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    the SoundDevice

    Level 7
      I happened to catch one of the posts regarding the next release of
      Director by Adobe, and I wanted to submit a wishlist item regarding the
      soundDevice statement in Lingo.

      I currently still use D8.5, having not upgraded to MX. I was wondering
      if MX has improved on the sound capabilities in regards to DirectSound
      vs MacroMix vs QT3Mix, before I make a request at the wishlist link
      mentioned in that post. Especially for QT3Mix, which tends to yield the
      best results for me in my games.

      The problem with QT3Mix is that Quicktime must be installed on the
      user's machine, and checking for the existence of Quicktime on the
      user's computer (I haven't tried it yet), and subsequently trying to get
      it installed, seems to be a tedious task, and if the user should decide
      NOT to install Quicktime, then the sound quality/matching with the
      sprite actions is less desirable. If Director had an integrated sound
      capability that responded well to other screen actions, there would not
      be a need for checking for Quicktime.

      Or is Quicktime a mainstay due to the Apple/Mac cross-compatibility?

      Has MX improved on this feature?