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    Slow launching.

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      At first I thought it was just Photoshop CC 2015 on my Mac Pro, but it appears that the problem I am having is more wide-spread. Virtually all my CC 2014 & 2015 apps are launching slower recently. Photoshop CC takes almost a minute to launch on my MacPro 2012 with 32GB Ram and Samsung 840EVO SSD drive? Bridge takes about 30 seconds, Illustrator about 30 seconds, etc.


      My tip off that something was wrong on my MacPro (my main computer) is that when I launch Photoshop CC 2015 on my older (less powerful) 2011 Macbook Pro laptop, it launches is 3-seconds and Bridge CC is almost instant.


      Things I have tried:


      Restarting MacPro in SAFE MODE (Shift Key) - still just as slow!

      Reparing Permissions

      Removing all fonts except those required by system

      Remove ALL Plugins

      Resetting Photoshop Prefs


      Out of ideas? Other operations may also be slow inside the CC apps, but only "launching" is obvious so far. Actually my CC2014 apps were also launching slow compared to my old laptop. What am I missing? This maxed out MacPro should be "flying" compared to my laptop!

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          Upon further testing, I see that (for instance) if I drag a folder of 2,000 photos to Bridge CC, it takes about 30-seconds for anything to appear (including the App's name in the Menu bar). If I drag the same (or another) folder of about 2,000 photos on top of the Bridge Icon, those windows open up within about 1-2 seconds. Therefore, it is only the "launching" of the apps that appears to be slow.?