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    CA for professional use? I don't get it

    SiliconPixel Level 1

      so i really like the features that CA brings but I just don't get how it should be used for professional use rather than for hobbyist 'playing'.


      So I would always use a professional voice over artist or actor for a characters voice. How does that fit into the workflow rather than the animator doing it?


      Just don't get it.

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          angie_taylor Adobe Community Professional

          Hi there,


          You can have an actor or voiceover artist record the voice and use the recording to control the lip sync of the character. Another actor or animator can then use CA to create the movement. One technique I've been playing with is to animate elements individually using CA. For example, animate lip sync and head movements and then export this and combine wit with some IK-animated body in After Effects.


          Please remember this application is in it's infancy and we need ideas from people like you about how it could be improved and extended so that you can use it professionally. So please suggest some things you would anticipate wanting to do with it. How would you like it to work?

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            SiliconPixel Level 1

            Thanks Angie,


            So currently you can't run multiple passes and concentrate each pass on a different aspect - mouth, face, other bits?


            That would seem like a VERY obvious thing to be able to do, rather than having to grow octopus arms to do everything in one go!


            I get what you're saying about early software - it's still a preview officially isn't it?


            Looks like it will be great once it has a few more features added in.



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              BYarsulik Level 1

              Wait, no you should be able to do this. I did this the other day.


              I did Head tracking, blinking, and arm movement in 3 different recording tracks with no problem!