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    story jumps not updating in InDesign CC2015


      I seem to be having an issue with story jumps not updating in CC2015, and wondered if anybody else has encountered this. 


      For example I put two text frames on different pages and thread together as a story.  I then add a smaller text frame below the first and in it type "continued on page (type>insert special characters>markers>next page number)". I touch this frame to the text frame above it and the page number is picked up fine for the page that the story is continued on. So far so good.


      Here's the problem, I now move the second part of the story to a different page, and the continued on page number isn't updated, it still says the old page number.  Previously this always updated automatically. I thought I would just see if anybody else is experiencing this, before I rush off and start resetting preferences, etc...