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    Load Flex into existing Flash


      I am brand new to Flex, so I desperately need your help!

      I have an existing Flash file, written in Flash 8. When I open this file, it plays in Flash Player 9, the latest player I have installed on my machine.

      This Flash file tries to dynamically load about.swf, a stub file created by the designer. It works.

      I am a programmer, so I want to create my own about.swf in Flex 2 and then substitue the existing about.swf written in Flash with my about.swf written in Flex. The problem is that the existing Flash file just displays a blank when I try loading about.swf written in Flex.

      Is there any way to load SWF file written in Flex 2 into an Flash file written in Flash 8?

      Thank you for your help!!!