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    Font preview

      Ok, i can embed the font, not a problem but when i want to see if it is the size etc, flex just shows me a default font which does not look anything like the font I am embedding. For instance the default in size 12 looks fine but the embedded font at runtime looks incredibly small. Surely you can see how the font looks at design time just as you can in flash...

      Any pointers would be appreciated, i refuse to believe that you can't, otherwise that would be a major oversite as I would not want to render my app everytime I want to make a change to the font.

      Please help me :)
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          t3rMan Level 1
          Do i take it by the lack of responses that no one knows and therefore are unable to answer or it cannot be done...
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            t3rMan Level 1

            One last time. Adobe experts please put me out of my misery and tell me this can be done. Can you see nice embedded fonts at design time within the flex application or is it only available when you publish it. If it is the latter then I think it is a major oversite. I know flex is geared more towards developers but I still like to preview my fonts before i have to publish all the time so you get a feel for what it looks like...

            Just tell me, Yes or No. if its yes then tell me how as well :)
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              Well im no expert, but my guess would be NO.

              From what i can gather, when flex compiles it sconverts the font file into Vector Shapes, as this happens at compile time we would assume no. But knowing that flex recompiles in the background after you change your code i would believe its possible.

              Chances are they chose not to use it as it probably sucks through even more precious memory (RAM).


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                Has anybody found a solution to this? I tried at lot of things (css: multiple fonts, etc), but I never managed to cleanly embed a font AND have it display correctly in design mode.

                Thanks for any hints
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                  I just saw a video showing a teaser of Flash CS4, and it's supposed to have that ability. But as of right now, no you cannot see an embedded font in design view.