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    Interactive Mouse over button


      I am trying to create a group of buttons that can be used as a 1, 2, 3 step informational. If the user mouse over step 1 (number1) he/she should see a box open with additional step procedures or descriptions. I have created all the necessary buttons (the number buttons and corresponding text boxes).

      I tried using action script to gotoAndStop the labels that should be triggered once the user mouse over a step. Nothing happens other than the buttons rollover effect of changing colors. I need to know how to make the text box open when the number is moused over. I also want the text box to remain open until the page is reloaded or another number is selected.

      Any help would be greately appreciated.

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          nardove Level 1
          ok lets call the textbox as the instance name

          on your button related to that textbox put use this code



          and that should work remeber to change the instance name of textbox to the respective movies w their buttons