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    Audio playback through Thunderbolt Display.


      Hi all,


      First time posting here, apologies if I've not checked any rules, in a bit of a hurry though and this problem keeps plaguing me.


      I'm working with a Mac Pro and two Thunderbolt Displays. Now, usually I use headphones plugged straight into the Mac Pro to audio preview projects. I often have to review work with my seniors, meaning unplugging the headphones and playing out loud. Often, this defaults AE to audio playback through the Mac Pro, which is awfully quiet and largely pointless due to the fact the Thunderbolts have built in speakers.


      My question is, can I set up AE in such a way so as to default audio playback through the displays when I unplug the headphones and vice versa? It's such a small thing, but it would save me those extra thirty seconds messing around manually resetting it through the preferences.


      Also, bonus question for the Mac Pro users out there; while working, sometimes my second display will go to black for a split second and then return to whatever screen it was on. Almost as if it's been turned off and on again but very quickly. Any ideas as to the cause of this problem would be another big help!


      Kind regards and many thanks in advance to all!