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    Audio skipping with ram preview. Just started out of no where, high-end computer.  Help?

    dreamache101 Level 1

      I use AE frequently (2015 CC latest update), and in fact I was just using it yesterday. 


      Today, I'm working on a brand new comp with only 3 layers (one is a wav file), and when I hit 0 on numpad, or even the "." on numpad, the audio is skipping big time. 


      I notice on the info panel it says, "Playing from RAM: 2055 of 2055 - fps 57/60 (NOT real time)" when it's doing the skipping.


      I even uninstalled and reinstalled, and still the same problem.  I re-encoded the wav file using media encoder, and the problem still remains.


      My PC has 32 GB RAM, and 2 Nvidia GeForce GTX 980's SLI,


      Help?  I need to get this figured out..