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    Generated output has no TOC, index or Search in IE11, doesn't appear in Chrome, works fine in Firefox

    Tatu Mbili

      Hello all,


      This is an old and working HTML project. I published it yesterday, it has been revised and now, when I'm doing my changes and I generate locally to see the changes by clicking View Result, it launches IE by default with nothing in the TOC/Index/Search area, although the contents of the index.htm appear. There is an error window titled Message from webpage that says Error reading masterData.xml. The only file I see in the generated output that starts masterData is MasterData_xml.js.


      Only thing that is different about this morning versus other mornings: my machine rebooted overnight with RH and the project open. I had saved all my work though so that at least is ok!


      Anyone have any ideas for me? It's a merged project that is currently working where it is published, but I need to make changes pretty quickly!