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    Illustrator .png layer into AE pixelated


      Hi everyone! I'm having trouble with a Illustrator file imported into AE and looked everywere for help, but found nothing.

      So, I started with a .pdf that I had to divide into layers in Illustrator, so I could animate it in AE.

      Some of the layers in the .ai file are .png, and those are the ones giving me troubles.

      In Illustrator, everything looks fine with de .png, but in AE, it's horribly pixelated.

      This is how it looks in Illustrator:



      And this is how it looks in AE:




      I know it's zoomed in at 200%, but so it is the .ai file. Why are the .png files looking so different?

      I've activated the continuous raterization, knowing that it wouldn't make any difference, but, just in case... (when I turn it off, it's the same).

      The text and the blue figure are fine, there is no problem with them, they are vectorized. It's just the .png files (the guy and the background).


      Please help me! I know I'm not doing something really obvious, but haven't figured out what!

      (And sorry for my english. Haven't use it in a while)