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    Flash 18 activex not overwriting previous version


      In previous versions if i installed flash it would always remove the previous version. With flash player 18 it leaves flash player 17 installed.


      I tried with installing manually or by using the MSI and both ways it leaves the flash 17 installed.


      I pushed out the flash player 18 to my work domain using group policy which i have been doing since version 13. This is the first time that it left version 17 installed and also when going to about flash page it still showed version 17 installed. When go to ie addons and clicking on the flash player addon it shows version 17 installed. When going to program and features it shows version 17 and 18 activex installed. When going to control panel/flash it shows version 17 installed.


      This is a bit of a problem right? Surely there is an installer bug where it should be overwriting the previous version like it normally does. I am going to stop the roll out of flash 18 until this is fixed because i can imagine it causing unexpected problems.


      Manually uninstalling flash 17 after 18 is installed seems to fix the control panel version number and the addon version in ie addon management. The about flash page however fails to detect and load the version, just shows an empty block where it should show the version. So something wrong somewhere.