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    How to Modify Print CSS for Topic TOC Placeholder used as a Snippet?



      I am working on a project that has many topics which use a Topic TOC placeholder. I formatted it the way I want it to display in the project (for viewing in the web browser) and saved the Topic TOC placeholder as a snippet so I just insert the snippet in all the topics which use it.


      My question is this: how do I modify the print CSS for the Topic TOC placeholder? I have changed the print CSS for all other styles in my topic and they look great printed out, but the caption of "Contents" for the Topic TOC is way too big when printed. I'd like to change it so it is the same size as my Heading 2 style in the print version of CSS. I know how to modify the print version of CSS for basic styles and tables - I have no idea what to use to change the settings for the Topic TOC ...


      Any help would be greatly appreciated! (Thank you in advance!).


      Here are some screenshots from my project, don't know if they'll help or not...