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    fehlende Bilder bei Xvid (.avi)


      Ein Video mit dem eingebauten H264-Codec erstellt, das von einer MP4 (H264) Quelle kommt, erscheint zwar scharf aber auch "krümelig", d.h. glatte Farbflächen sind nicht homogen, sondern "zerrissen" und weisen trotz hoher Datenrate Artefakte auf.

      Als Alternative habe ich versucht, das Video als .avi-Datei zu erstellen mit dem bewährten Xvid-Codec und meinen bewährten Einstellungen. Die Qualität ist nun besser trotz kleinerer Datenrate, aber es gibt Stellen im Video da fehlen einfach ein paar Bilder.

      Wie kommt sowas zustande und wie kann man sowas beheben?

      Es wäre schön wenn jemand helfen könnte

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system is it running?


          You do not use Xvid.avi in any version of Premiere Elements. It is bad news. This has been written about before. Also AVCHD.avi / H.264.avi is not supported by Premiere Elements.


          H.264.mp4 should be a supported format in Premiere Elements and giving you good results. I say that as a generalization since you have not posted program or operating system yet.


          What is the source for the H.264.mp4? What is the brand/model/settings for the camera that recorded it? Does the file have a variable or constant frame rate? Interlaced or progressive? In short, what are the properties of your H.264.mp4 file...file extension, frame rate, etc?


          What have you (manually) or the project (automatically) set as the project preset to match the properties of the source H.264.mp4? See Edit Menu/Project Settings/General.


          When you view the video in the Edit area monitor, are you looking at the rendered or unrendered Timeline content? If unrendered, then render the Timeline to get the best possible preview. Also, right click the monitor, select Playback Quality, followed by Highest instead of Automatic.


          Then do a mini test run of what you have, doing an appropriate export of the Timeline content to a file saved to the computer hard drive. Is the problem displayed in the viewing of the export?


          Let us start here and then decide what next based on the details in your reply.


          Thank you.



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            wolledoe Level 1

            Hello A.T.Romano,

            I use Premiere Element 12 on Windows 8.1 . The Preview of the Timeline looks fine. I will add two sample-films, one coded in mp4 (korrekt) and the other coded in Xvid (missing pictures). The whole film coded in mp4 is 503MB (5,66Mbit/sec), the same coded in Xvid is 376MB (3Mbit/sec). Crazy is, my sample of the Xvid Version ist bigger than the mp4 one.

            For to give you an idea why I like the Xvid codec, I add some more screencopies. Same pictures, one from mp4-version, one from xvid-version (see the details in the filenames)

            My Camera ist Panasonic DMC-TZ 60, 1280x720 Pix, mp4.

            Hope you can help.


            Thanks in advance!Sarah_T_HD_mp4_1.00.840_I-frame.jpgSarah_T_HD_Xvid_1.00.840.jpg

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              wolledoe Level 1

              Xvid-Video mit Fehlern:


              mp4-Video fehlerfrei:

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                So sollte es aussehen, so wird es auch in der Timeline angezeigt


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thank you for the replies.


                  The YouTube videos in posts 3 and 4 cannot be seen since you have them listed at YouTube as private. If you want the videos to be seen in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum thread, please consider using the YouTube choice of Unlisted if you do not want to select Public.


                  All reports say that Xvid.avi should not be used in Premiere Elements since, when done, there are numerous problems which lead to project failure. Even with that as the case, we will look at your videos and consider all your information to make sure that there is not an alternative reason for your issue (other than known issues with use of Xvid.avi and Premiere Elements).


                  Also, you mention that the .mp4 is 1280 x 720 (assumed 25 progressive frames per second). What is frame size and frame rate of the Xvid.avi? And, what are you setting as the project preset for this project? After you have your source files on the project's Timeline, please let us know the readings for Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size, Pixel Aspect Ratio (even if the fields look grayed out) under Edit Menu/Preferences/General.


                  Thank you.



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                    Now it has chaged to "not listed"

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                      all two videos (mp4 and xvid) are 720p at 25 frames/sec. Project preset ist the same, 720p .Projekteinstellungen.jpg

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Thank you for the replies with troubleshooting information.


                        Until we prove otherwise, there is always pointing to Xvid.avi as being an undesirable format for Premiere Elements.


                        But, let us continue to explore other factors that might contribute to what you are reporting as missing images and Xvid.avi being bigger than .mp4.


                        1. I have looked at your YouTube videos and do see any differences between them. Therefore could you point to times in the posted video where you believe images are missing?


                        2. Where is Xvid.avi supposed to be bigger than .mp4 version - in duration, in file size, in bitrate, other? In that regard, have all your exports been to YouTube and that is what you are using in judging the quality and properties of your export (upload)?


                        But, let us back up to make sure that we are together on the details....this is what I have understood from what you have posted....


                        1. In Premiere Elements, you have a 720p video on the Timeline, you import it into the 720p project, and export to 720p H.264.mp4. You look for better quality in the export. (Please confirm the 720p format/file extension of what you are importing into the project for editing and export.)


                        2. You then generate a Xvid.avi export from the same Premiere Elements Timeline and have a problem with missing files and bigger file in this Xvid.avi export. Premiere Elements does not come with a Xvid video codec. Where did the Xvid codec come from? Did you download one from online and then had it appear in the codec section in your Premiere Elements Publish+Share/Computer/AVI?


                        3. You wrote...

                        The whole film coded in mp4 is 503MB (5,66Mbit/sec), the same coded in Xvid is 376MB (3Mbit/sec). Crazy is, my sample of the Xvid Version ist bigger than the mp4 one.

                        I am assuming that the H.264.mp4 and Xvid.avi descriptions are for the files exported from Premiere Elements?  But where does "my sample of the Xvid Version is bigger than the mp4 one" follow? And, please clarify, is 5,66 Mbit/sec about 6 or 600 Mbit/sec?


                        4. Another factor that we need to go into involves what YouTube is doing to the uploads as it convert it to its flash format.

                        Not sure how it handles Xvid.avi.

                        Recommended upload encoding settings (Advanced) - YouTube Help


                        Thanks again.



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                          wolledoe Level 1

                          Das folgende Video ist in Xvid codiert und fehlerfrei. Warum? Die Übergänge zwischen den Szenen wurden von einer "Wischblende" in einfache Überblendung geändert. Das scheint der Grund für die fehlenden Bilder zu sein.

                          Einen ähnlichen Fall hatte ich mit Premiere Pro 2.0. Dort habe ich einen externen Encoder benutzt (VirtualDub und Xvid). Über den "Debugmode Frameserver" wurde der Film vom Schnittprogramm an den Encoder übergeben.

                          Beim Xvid-Codec lief alles einwandfrei, aber als ich denselben Film in mp4 (h264) codieren wollte, traten an einer Stelle mit einer Bewegt-Bild-Überblendung fehlende Bilder auf. Die Codierung in mp4 habe ich damals mit avisynth und Xmediarecode durchgeführt.

                          Bedauerlich finde ich, daß ich bei Premiere Elements 12 den Debugmode Frameserver nicht einsetzen kann (wird nirgends angezeigt) und auch mein im System intergrierten Pic-Video MJPEG-Codec nicht als Ausgabe verwendet werden kann.

                          Ferner kann ich in das Schnittfenster keine zuvor erstellte Sequenz einfügen, auch diese Funktion vermisse ich.

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Thank you for the reply.


                            Are you saying the your problem resolved by changing the video transition from a wipe to a fade? If this is the case, questions would come up about the need for trimming of the clips edges involved, the alignment and duration of the transition. But, I still am not seeing the difference between your videos (mp4, Xvid.avi) in your video samples. Again, I would ask you to point to the time in the timecode where these missing images are supposed to be.


                            In view of the history related to Xvid.avi and Premiere Elements, I find it very interesting how you managed to get a Xvid.avi exported from Premiere Elements if that is what you did.


                            There may be a problem in the way the system is translating the reply so I ask in order to be sure of your message.


                            Are you also having a problem importing MotionJPEG.avi file? In that case, this is a known issue for Premiere Elements. The usual solutions are

                            a. Determine if the camera that recorded the video came with a utility that you can install in order to supply the needed MotionJPEG.avi codec


                            b. Convert the MotionJPEG.avi into another format before import into the Premiere Elements project


                            c. Download and install a MotionJPEG codec from an online source...these are usually not free and purchased is required, but a trial out before purchase is usually available.


                            Please consider.


                            Thank you.



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                              wolledoe Level 1

                              Hallo A.T. Romano,

                              der Fehler tritt auf bei animiertem Titel, bei bewegtem Bild, hier bei der Wischblende. Das letzte von mir hochgeladene Video ist auch nicht korrekt, weil der animierte Titel nicht korrekt angezeigt wird.

                              Die Fehler sind zu sehen

                              1. schwarzer Hintergrund, Text: ...und noch viele weitere Freunde....

                              2. Nach dem Standbild mit Texteinblendung: Uropa Dieter aus München. Fehler im letzten Post bei der Texteinblendung: Uroma Bärbel aus Garmisch P. Das Bild wird jetzt nach der Änderung Überblendung statt Wischen korrekt angezeigt. Die Texteinblendung habe ich etwas verkürzt, dadurch wird sie auch korrekt angezeigt (noch nicht gepostet)

                              Ich kann MJPEG-Videos importieren in Premiere Elements, aber nicht exportieren. Ich habe auf dem Rechner einen gekauften PIC-Video MJPEG-Codec installiert. Der ist sehr schnell und an jeden Anspruch anpassbar.

                              Die hochgeladene Bildschirmkopie von Pr.El. zeigt die Einstellungen für die Ausgabe in Xvid und das Vorschaubild wo der Fehler auftritt.Screen_Sarah_Xvid.jpg



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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                Thanks for the reply. I am reading your latest details now and will comment later once I put them together with what you have written in your other posts in your thread. Your follow up is appreciated.


                                For now, on the matter of a exporting a file that uses the MotionJPEG video codec in Premiere Elements, have you looked at




                                with presets PAL DV 16:9

                                then under the Advanced Button/Video Tab, customized your export settings to include the video codec MotionJPEG A or MotionJPEG B.


                                The results will be a MotionJPEG.mov file saved to the computer hard drive location that you select. Is there any advantage for you to do this?


                                To be continued



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                                  wolledoe Level 1

                                  Hier ist jetzt der endgültige Ausschnitt der Version mit Xvid-Codec für Bild und mp3-Codec für den Ton. Der Ton wurde ausserhalb von Premiere Element umgewandelt(VirtualDub), da eine Kodierung in mp3 in PE nicht möglich ist. Xvid-Video mit einem PCM-Ton wird außer im Computer von keinem Player oder Fernseher abgespielt.

                                  Es ist schade, daß weder der Debugmode Frameserver noch mein im System installierter Pic-Video MJPEG-Codec verwendbar sind (für weitere Verwendung mit externen Encodern oder Weiterbearbeitung).

                                  Die MJPEG-Codecs A/B sind qualitativ zu schlecht.

                                  Die fehlenden Bilder (sh. ursprüngliche Frage) ließen sich durch ändern der Wischblende in Filmblende vermeiden. Der weitere Fehler in der Texteinblendung wurde durch kürzen des Titels vermieden.

                                  Ich vermute, daß bei einem Szenenwechsel bei gleichzeitiger Bewegtbildüberblendung dieser Fehler auftritt. Für mich ist das Thema erstmal erledigt.


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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    Thanks for the replies.


                                    We are glad that you seem to have put together an Xvid.avi video that you want. It is rare to gain a successful Premiere Elements workflow with Xvid.avi involved in import or export.


                                    In your post 13, you wrote that "The missing images (see original question) could change by avoid the cleaning aperture in film Panel. What is this "cleaning aperture in film Panel? Is that in Premiere Elements, if so where? The meaning may be getting lost in the translations.


                                    Best wishes with your projects.



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                                      wolledoe Level 1

                                      ...Problems with translation:

                                      I changed the transtions from wipe to blend to solve the problems. Maybe an animated title in combination with transitions where the pictures are moved makes additional problems. I saw some in my film, in the mp4 version, and not in the PE-preview. They are not serious, so I do not want to do additional research. My Film has been saved. Finish.

                                      But new questions appeared:

                                      How can I tune the main concept encoder?

                                      Another problem I noticed: When using the Xvid-Codec, I have to correct all settings of the codec, because they are all overwritten with crazy values or zeros. That only appeares when using Xvid with PE!


                                      Thanks for your help


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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Thanks for the reply with clarifications.


                                        When you were working on your video transitions, were you adjusting them with regard to alignment, duration, and other adjustment opportunities?


                                        In Premiere Elements all customizations of the export settings is done by the user under the Advanced Button/Video Tab, Audio Tab, Multiplexer Tab) for the preset selected. With video codec that is imported into the program, then you have the opportunities to customize that 3rd party codec under the Advanced Button/Video Tab and under 3rd party video codec's special "Codec Settings" button.


                                        Also, look at the Multiplexer Tab settings.


                                        There are no more opportunities that than that I have ever found.


                                        Be it Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements, typically I see online do not use in these programs.

                                        For Premiere Pro, one example

                                        Xvid - Adobe Premiere Pro


                                        For Premiere Elements, one example

                                        Re: Can't Import .avi xvid file with Premiere Elements 11


                                        Thank you for the follow ups.