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    Text in title disappears when typing

    arthurarts Level 1

      How come when I add a default title to my timeline and just start typing, letters disappear? Who makes up this kind of illogical stuff?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements and on what computer operating system is it running?


          Are you saying that you can actually see your typed letter displaying in the opened Titler, and then it disappears essentially as fast as you typed it in the opened Titler?


          If you have not already, please review the following Adobe documents on titles/text created in the opened Titler


          and give more details - either the text is appearing/disappearing or it does not appear at all when you have typed it.


          Is there any chance that instead of Default text, you are selecting Default Roll or Default Crawl and have gotten into Roll/Crawl options? Any chance Animation options involved?


          We need to distinguish between your understanding on creating Premiere Elements titles and a malfunctioning of the program that may require flushing the preferences or uninstalling/reinstalling the program.


          Looking forward to your help in trying get your problem resolved.






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            mpalka Level 1

            I am experiencing exactly the same issue. I am on a Mac OSX Yosemite (Polish locale if that may matter) using PrE 13 with latest updates installed. It's a fresh install of PrE from two days ago. Most of the times after I type a letter or two the text disappear. Sometimes when I click outside of a text box and then again inside I am able to type the entire word again. To me it seems that the the text I am trying to type gets selected by itself and then when i type another letter the existing text gets deleted.


            I can provide you with more information if needed. I cannot belive this sort of bugs can get throught QA.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Unfortunately the originator of this thread never followed up, so we have no way of knowing the details which would have led to a solution.

              There is no disappearing Titler text issue that I know of in Premiere Elements 13 or its 13.1 update.


              If your schedule permits, I would like the opportunity to explore this matter with you in this thread. Are you working with a special language version of the program and are you using special language fonts?


              We know that you are using Premiere Elements 13 on Mac. Have you updated to 13.1 using an opened project's Help Menu/Update? If you have not already, please delay doing that so that we can troubleshoot first 13 and then 13.1.


              Please give the step by step from Text Menu/New Title/Default Text until you first lose a letter in typing in the Titler.


              Thank you.



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                mpalka Level 1



                Sure I am happy to help. First of all I am on trial version waiting for my electronic license to be delivered by Adobe reseller. Unfortunately I have applied the latest update. I received a notification that there's an update waiting and I said yes to install it.


                My OS language is Polish. My PrE language is English.


                I am positive that I used two ways of adding titles to the project.

                1) By using Text menu (Text->New Text->Default Text or Default Roll)

                2) By dragging and dropping a text from the toolbar.


                Then when a text is added to the timeline I double tap on the default text to select it. Then I start typing.


                The issue is not 100% reproducible. Sometimes it works just fine.


                To me it seems to be somehow to be triggered by text being selected. When I add a new text (either via the menu or the toolbar) sometimes it comes pre-selected and sometimes it's not. If it comes pre-selected it tends to lead to text disappearing. Also if I select the text using keyboard (usign Cmd+Arrows or Cmd-A, double tap) and then I try to type it seems to be triggering the issue.


                Again it's not 100% reproducible.


                I uploaded a short screencast to illustrate the issue. The steps that I followed.


                1. I add a Default Text from the menu

                2. You can see it somes preselected. So I immediately starty typing "Sample text". Until now it's ok.

                3. Then I select the word "Sample" by double tapping on it.

                4. Then I again start typing "Sample text". As you can see after I type "Sample" and a space character the text gets "automagically selected' and the word Sample disappears.


                That's the way I found to illustrate this issue. This way it seems to be 100% reproducible. But there are other cases when thes same problem occurs. Sometimes immediately after adding a new Text and I try typing I am unable to complete a single word without parts of text disappearing.




                The same thing seems can be reproduced on Windows (with PrE 13.0 - I am yet to update it to 13.1). It seems to be less frequent and so far I was only able to reproduce it using Default Roll and not Default Text.

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                  mpalka Level 1

                  Further testing confirm my findings. Making selections in text makes PrE to go nuts on Mac OSX (and sometimes on Windows too). And when it does it deletes text randomly when typing and that's including deleting entire lines in Default Roll. The only way to to avoid this trouble it to not make any text selections. If one run into that trouble the only way out is to go to another track and then back and avoid any text selection. When I delete text letter by letter it's all fine.


                  How one can raise a bug with Adobe?

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    If you want to report Adobe feature requests or bugs, you can consider the Adobe Feature Request Bug Report Form.

                    Feature Request/Bug Report Form


                    However, although you might dispute it at this time, please consider technique factors in your Titler text creations.

                    Please try the following and let me know the results - same or similar problems as before or problems gone...


                    1. Text Menu/New Text/Default Text

                    With the Mode = Horizontal Text Tool selection

                    With your mouse cursor, click at the right edge of the ADD TEXT default and, with the click in effect,  drag from right to left across the ADD TEXT default, creating a gray haze over that ADD TEXT.  Then start typing.


                    2. Text Menu/New Text/Default Text

                    With the Mode = Selection Tool

                    With the mouse cursor, click on the ADD TEXT default text to select it, hit Delete.

                    Then with the Text Horizontal Text Tool selected......with you mouse cursor, click in the Titler screen, placing the cursor at where you want to type and start your typing of the text.


                    If you have not already worked with the Selection Tool, remember that its use becomes important when you want to apply certain attributes to text in the Titler workspace.


                    Please consider.


                    Thank you.



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                      mpalka Level 1

                      Hi ATR


                      Thanks for all the advice. It's been very helpful.


                      1. That does not lead to the unwanted behavior. All test selection and typing is working as expected. No disappearing effects.

                      2. As the above. No disappearing symtoms.


                      These are good workarounds. Thanks a lot for them.


                      That narrows down the issue to selecting by a double click on text. That still triggers triggers the issue.


                      And double clicking seems to be one of pretty standard ways to select a word or entire sentence in a chunk of text. It's widely used on all platforms in most of applications that have to do anything with text.


                      I can see that even official Adobe's guide on titles in Premiere Elements suggest to double click the test to select and then change it:


                      Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Creating and trimming titles

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Great news with the text. Thanks for taking another look at that feature.


                        I think I need to zero in on your double clicking and when. .......Expert workspace....


                        1. Given that you create your text title in the opened Titler (Text Menu/New Text/Default Text). The process automatically places the text title in creation to wherever you placed the Timeline Indicator on the Timeline. When you are finished creating the text title in the Titler, you close the Titler.


                        2. If you decide that you want to re-edit that Timeline text title, you double click that Timeline text title file to open the Titler where the re-editing has to be done. So, that is one place to double click.


                        3. But, when you go to select text or shape that you have created in the opened Titler, you have Mode = Selection Tool and then just single left click the text to select it. No double click there.


                        We may have to talk again if you decide to copy/paste these titles. If you do not create Duplicate instead of copy/paste, you are going to end up editing one title and then have the rest of your titles having the same text. That is another story for another time....sort of, coming attraction.


                        Please let us know of your progress. Sounding good right now.


                        Best wishes