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    Line Created When Trying To Draw


      Ok so i'm trying to learn how to use Flash, and so i load it up, make a new document, grab the brush, go to draw aaaannnnndd then this happens:



      Yeah so, i'm using the Wacom Cintiq13HD, and this keeps happening. No idea why. Doesn't happen when i use a Mouse, just the stylus pen. Anyone know how to fix this??

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There are quite a few posts about Wacom issues. Here's one example:


          Re: Adobe Flash CC Wacom pen issues.


          There may be some tips in there that could help, but if not, note that people from Adobe made some of the posts, so they do know about the problem. Hopefully they are working on a fix!

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            Latha Adobe Employee

            Hi Erocronin,


            You could try the following steps:

            1. Make sure the text DPI resolution is set to 100%.This you can change by going to Control Panel -> Display section.

            2. Please check your display resolution. As mentioned in the system requirement(https://helpx.adobe.com/flash/system-requirements.html), please set your display resolution to 1024x900 or 1280x1024 and try it out.

            3. Re-install wacom drivers

            4. For cintiq 13HD, go to your Screen Resolution Settings under Control Panel. The Display drop down lists all the connected display devices. Choose a NON Cintiq display and select 'Make this my main display' check box and click >Apply >OK. Launch flash. For wacom intous pro lauch flash on your main(primary) display.


            After making any display changes (monitor settings changes or even moving flash from one monitor to the other), please create a new document and then try drawing.



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