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    Issues playing/stopping through timeline AE CC 2015

    sirbradford Level 1

      I am not a huge after effects user, so forgive my limited knowledge. I am an editor and I am used to the functions of premiere mainly.


      In AE I am used to playing and stopping through a project sequence using the space bar to play and stop the sequence. With AE cc 2015 the space bar will start playing the sequence, yet when I hit the space bar again to stop the cursor on my timeline, the cursor wont stop and continues to play, if I hit it a third time it stops. Just wondering if this is a new feature to cc 2015.


      With premiere I am used to starting and stopping using the keyboard, is there a better method to start and stop through a timeline that I am not familiar with?


      My issue is with CC 2015, with previous versions of AE I never had this issue.


      Let me know if this makes sense or if you need more info. Thanks.