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    Edge file relationships

    pixelwrangler Level 1

      I'm working with reducing the file sizes of the various Edge files, as I've noticed that there is a lot of redundant inline CSS being generated.


      I have a couple of general questions about how the various Edge files work.


      1.) Supposed my Edge project is called bigproject. SO, the files than Edge generates (among others) are:


      bigproject_edge.js, bigproject.html, bigproject.an


      The .an file appears to be nothing more than an organizational tool that addresses the various other files by allowing you to write to them.

      The bigproject.html file contains the HTML code

      The bigproject_edge.js file contains the CSS and JS code

      When the html page loads in the browser, the JS runs the Edge Runtime code found in the header of the the html file, and the page is rendered.


      What exactly happens when you Publish the Edge project you are working on? More exactly, what is the relationship between bigproject.html and bigproject_edge.js?

      Once the project has been published, there doesn't appear to be any reason you could not edit each file independently - is that true?


      Also, I see that sometimes the bigproject_edge.js is minified, and sometimes it isn't. Where is this controlled? Is it a Publish setting?


      TIA for any insights you can offer.