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    Making a row smaller then 1,058mm?


      Over a year ago I ran into the problem that the minimum row height in Indesign is 1,058mm and I needed it to be smaller.
      Back then, the solution I was presented with was to export a snippet, edit the idms file and reimport into Indesign.
      This solution took too much time, and I had to give up on the project. I would have to export roughly 8 tables per page, for over 400 pages. It wasn't feasable.

      Anyone knows if such limit now has a way to be reduced?


      Here is the former thread: I need to force column widths to values smaller than the indesign preset minimuns (1,058mm).


      I am now using Indesign CC.



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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Leo,


          the height of a row or a single cell is scriptable to less than 1.058 mm.

          The width is not.


          For the height you'll have to:

          1. No contents (maybe optional)

          2. Formatting of all insertion points in all cells; pointSize = 0.1 (or less, depending on the height you want)

          3. Set the top and the bottom inset to value 0

          4. Assign your height less than 1.058 mm


          Code example:

          Empty row is selected (no text as contents, no graphic cell with contents)


          var myRow = app.selection[0];
          myRow.cells.everyItem().contents = "";
          //Not optional. Set point size in a value, that text could be visible regarding the height:
          myRow.cells.everyItem().texts.everyItem().pointSize = 0.1;
          myRow.cells.everyItem().topInset = 0;
          myRow.cells.everyItem().bottomInset = 0;
          myRow.cells.everyItem().height = "0.5mm";


          Tested with InDesign CC-2014.2 on Mac OSX 10.7.5.

          Should also work with InDesign CC-2015 on Mac OSX 10.10.3.


          Here a screenshot after running the script snippet: