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    Opening RSS in new window

      I'd appreciate some help and assistance re RSS.

      I've been working on some web pages and would like to add an RSS feed to them.

      I've decided to use a service called 'feeddigest.com (www.feedigest.com/). They offer five free feeds and that's more than enough for me. The display is converted to php which, I understand, lets the search engine read it.

      The code that they supply comes in the following format.

      include (" http://app.feeddigest.com/digest3/feed-name.html");

      So far so good. The code works fantastic, I get a selected number of headers and small snippets. My problem is that when my visitor clicks on one of the links they are taken away from my site and into another, so the questis is: how can I have the link open in a new window?

      The 'target' box goes blank so I can't use target="blank after it as I would with html.

      I've been told that a major part of the problem is that Feeddigest are actually creating the HTML at their end and sending it to me in one big block. I've also been given the following code to try:

      include &#40;"http&#58;//app.feeddigest.com/digest3/feed-name.html"&#41;;
      $FeedContents = ob_get_contents&#40;&#41;;
      $FeedContents = str_replace&#40;'<a href=', "<a target=_blank href=', $FeedContents&#41;;
      print $FeedContents;

      Which I have to be honest and say means little to me.

      Anyway when I try the code I get the following error message:

      Parse error: parse error, unexpected '&' in /web/sites/267/kah22/www.kevinhart.f2s.com/index.php on line 186

      Line 186 is: "include &#40;"http&#58;//app.feeddigest.com/digest3/RDHGXLAHXG.html"&#41;; "

      It's a bit of a detailed question, I know, but any advice or help would be appreciated.

      Many thanks
      Kevin Hart