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    Very Basic Question


      I have flash 8 and have not touched it in over a year a forgot alot of stuff. I am designing a website and can not remeber to proper syntax to add to multiple lines of text. I keep getting this error:

      String literal was not properly terminated

      I should not have to comment out every line with ;" but dont remeber what to put to avoid having to do this.


      **Error** Symbol=Symbol 119, layer=Action Layer, frame=11:Line 3: String literal was not properly terminated
      "Our mission at SEMO Hairstyling Academy is to inspire individuals to develop their passion for hairstyling and beauty culture into an art that will help them to succeed in their careers as Barbers and Cosmetologist. We are dedicated to educating quality graduates who are able to meet and exceed the demand of the barber and beauty profession.

      **Error** Symbol=Symbol 119, layer=Action Layer, frame=11:Line 4: Syntax error.
      Southeast Missouri Barber College was started by Eric Brown, a noted barber and shop owner in Cape Girardeau, MO. Dissatisfied with the quality of education for barbers in the area, Mr. Brown realized the need for better vocational training. He founded Southeast Missouri Barber College on December 3,2001. The school’s original location was 305 N. Frederick.

      Total ActionScript Errors: 2 Reported Errors: 2