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    Lightroom cc 2015: Unbearably slow features

    Frostfrog Level 1

      I upgraded to Lightroom CC 2015 three days ago. I have been using Lightroom probably since within a year of when it first came out. When I pull a photo into Develop, I always punch "auto tone" to see what Lightroom will do with it and then I custom adjust it accordingly. Every now and then, Auto Tone is right on. This process has always been virtually instantaneous. I click "Auto" tone and see the results immediately.


      After I started on CC 2015, I thought the Auto Tone feature didn't work at all. Click. Nothing. Click, nothing. But after I would click, I could not scroll on to next for some time. Finally, after it did, I discovered it had indeed done the Auto tone but had just taken a very long time to do so.


      I have since discovered that Lightroom can take anywhere from 20 or 30 seconds to complete an auto tone to minutes. In case it was the just the computer somehow slowing down, I have done everything from clearing the case to purge to repair permissions and have probably restarted, shut down, started again and so on 100 times since the upgrade.


      The problem persists.


      I hope someone has an answer to this problem, because it is wasting my time and killing my productivity. I can't stand it.


      I am using an 27 inch iMac, 10.9.5, 3.4 GHX Core iO *GB 1333 MHZ DDR3


      Also, when I do star ratings, I experience a short delay before the rating shows. Color ratings have always been helpful to me as well. I find no color ratings in my new Lightroom.


      Thank you.