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    Problem seeing originals


      Problem. Up till now I have transferred card contents to a named file in Explorer. Then I import to LR 5.  OK so far. I do my editing and Export to same folder but in subfolder named Copies. At this stage please don’t tell me I would be better saving elsewhere. All OK until tonight and suddenly I only see the copies folders. I can go back to the original folder in Explorer and ask to open in LR5, it asks me to select image. When I go to Open File I get to choose some options including Supported files, Ircat etc and All files. All my RAW (NEF) files are there. I choose All Files and system tells me   to relaunch LR, then tells me there is an error. Clunk!  What simple step have I missed?

      Up till now LR has behaved, now all I can see is my exported copies, not the originals.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          1. Windows File Explorer will not show raw (NEF) image files (unless you install a special codec.)

          2. All edits made to your images in Lightroom are stored in the Lightroom Catalog. The NEF files are not altered.

          3. You cannot OPEN an image file in Lightroom in the same manner as you would open a document in a Word editor! Lightroom is a "DATABASE" program that will only open database files with a name ending with ..".LRCAT"

          4. To see your NEF raw files in Lightroom you 'Import' to create previews that are a link to the original NEF raw images.

          5. To see the content or subject matter in images in Windows File Explorer you will need to "Export" derivative images in jpg or tiff format from Lightroom. (copies -as you refer to them)


          Strange that you- "only see the copies folders". Are you referring to the folder panel in Lightroom? Provide screen-clips to help others to see your problem and maybe suggest a fix.

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            Blether12 Level 1

            Hello and thank you for the reply.


            I have always been able to see RAW (NEF) files in Explorer. I was able

            also to see them via the Library mode in LR, 20000 images going back 2

            years. However, last night they could not be seen in LR. I just checked

            a few minutes ago and - they are all back. Dunno how they disappeared

            in the first place.