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    AE CC 2015 and some troubles...

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      Hello to all. I've to fill a bug report on some problems that i have with AE CC2015, but first i want to ask to others users if they are experiencing my same problem. First of all CC 2015 crash a lot! I've booth 2014 and 2015 on my machine, i've tried to start a project with 2015 but i was forced to go back to 2014. After all i've seen a very fast response of the program. Cache remain in memory and give a really good feedback while working...but...audio playback is a nightmare...but...the real nightmare for me is that the preview window doesn't respond a lot of times on what i'm doing. If i change a parameter i'll see the effect only after i've select a number. For ex, using the scale gives me trouble. Scrubbing a video is a nightmare too! If i move the CTI in the timeline, i have the first frame and i can see the current frame only if i let go the CTI. It's obviously impossible to do anything in this scenario. Rotoscoping, moving layers, shape layers,solids and so on are all affected by this strange performance of AE. Here are my specs: GTX980, 24GB DDR3 of ram, GTX680 4GB Asus, Win7 Pro, Asus P6T Deluxe mobo.

      I'm posting here and as i said i'll send a bug report just because i've seen the known issues of AE 2015 and this problem is not listed.

      Have a nice day and sorry for my bad english!