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    Case Sizes


      I'm about to build a new system (Re: PC build for PrPro / DSLR 1080p)


      Quick question about cases. I have a full-size tower case from... oh, let's say 2001. It's an ATX, this great beige behemoth from my old recording studio.


      Obviously I'l have to replace PSU and such, that's all fine. My question is if I should try to use this case with a well-planned system of new cooling fans or if I should buy a new, mid-size case with an additional cooling system.


      It's not like a new case is much money. I just don't care about cool red lights in the fans and stuff like that so if the old case will work, I'll just use it.

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          if the old case has spots for several fans, it may be fine to use. a new case may have more/better fan options and some cases have sound dampening material. the fractal design Define R5 is such a case. it has up to 4 fan spots for intake, and another 3 for exhaust, but i think it only comes with 2 fans. you can move the 2 that come with it to the front for intake, and add a pwm for exhaust at the rear. if your m.2 drive is mounted near the pcie slots, or you use an pcie adapter, or the intel 750 pcie with heatsink, you can add another intake fan on the side panel to give the ssd fresh air and keep it from throttling from overheating. using the built in fan controller or low voltage adapters can keep fans quiet too. using rear and cpu pwm fans on the motherboard will keep them quiet until needed to spin up when the cpu is under load.

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            fox23_PDX Level 1

            Quiet and cooler sound like good ideas. I checked the old case; I would say it's less than ideal without a lot of places for fans or ventilation.

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              older cases didn't have to deal with the high temps of todays computers, so they usually had less spots for fans. the fan spots were usually small too, like 80-92mm. one of the best things for quiet cases are the 140mm or larger fans. spinning lower rpm's lets them be quieter but still have good airflow. the new cases like the refine r5 also have dust filters over the fans, so keeps the inside cleaner a bit longer before having to dust it out. there are several other cases like the refine r5, so you can look around for others. just compare fan options, sound dampening, and fan filters.