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    Detect metadata in jpeg images


      I have written a script in Java that put some metadata inside a JPEG image (I use the description, copyright and author). I want to use InDesign Live Caption option showing this three parameters under my photos. The problem is that InDesign do not detect changes in metadata (it detects that there is a modification in the image and update the link) but it continues showing the old metadata. However if I open the image in Photoshop it shows the updated metadata.


      For example I have an image with this metadata: D: "Hello World", C: "UriCam", A: "Uri". The generated Live Caption in InDesign shows correctly this information but if I run my Java program to change this metadata to D: "Hi World", C: "Uri", A: "UriCam" InDesign will detect that the image have been updated (so I update the link) but sill shows the old metadata. If I open this same image with Photoshop and go to "File info..." we can see that there is the new metadata.


      Why does not InDesign update the metadata in Live Caption?



      Thanks you!

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          Dirk Becker Level 4

          There are multiple places to store metadata, besides to Adobe's preferred XMP there are for example "legacy" EXIF IPTC records but also nested Photoshop resources which may again hold copies of the other data. Which of them did you target?


          Besides there are definitely differences between InDesign versions, I'm right now working on a plugin that fixes some of them for CS5, and found plenty improvements with CC.2015.