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    UTC Problem


      Can anyone help with a problem with getting UTC time? I've got this actionscript in my main timeline (with the result going to three dynamic text fields):

      onEnterFrame = function() {
      pDate = new Date();
      nUTCHours = pDate.getUTCHours();
      nUTCMinutes = pDate.getUTCMinutes();
      nUTCSeconds = pDate.getUTCSeconds();
      _root.txtUTCHour.text = nUTCHours
      _root.txtUTCMinute.text = nUTCMinutes
      _root.txtUTCSecond.text = nUTCSeconds

      The problem is that the time displayed is always the local time from the machine I view the SWF from - is there something really obvious I'm missing here?

      Cheers for any help...