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      I'm needing to place small delays into my actionscript.

      I'm loading a MC onto the screen.. I only want it to be there for about
      1/2 sec, then remove it, placing it to another random part of the screen.

      Obviously, my code is something to this extent.. (not the actual code,
      this is just a demo I typed up really fast)

      for (i:Number=1; i<20; i++) {
      _root.stage.attachMovie("Cards", "Card"+cardMovNum, 0+cardMovNum)
      _root.stage["Card"+cardMovNum]._x = Math.random();
      _root.stage["Card"+cardMovNum]._y = Math.random();

      I'm thinking about writing some kind of function then add it into this

      function wait():Void {
      for (h:Number=0; h<1000; h++) {
      for (j:Number=0; j<1000; j++) {

      Any tips on giving me a pause function?