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    FLV Preloader for Streaming Server (k)

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      I have a big video, 18 minutes long. I am going to be delivering it via
      a Streaming server(rtmp://...).

      I can get the video into my FLA file using File Import Video and
      selecting the second choice (Already deployed...) and entering the URL
      of the video.

      Applied stock controls.

      I changed the buffer time to 10 seconds. If I go to the page, the bar at
      the bottom will move with green stripes, but it never plays
      automatically. You have to hit Pause and then Play to get it going.

      But beyond that, the user has no idea what is going on.

      I put in a MovieClip that says "Loading Video" it goes off when the
      movie hits a CuePoint I set 1 second in.

      Is there any kind of preloader I can put in that lets the user knows how
      much they have to wait for the video?

      I know Flash is capable of delivering long video, just don't know how to
      get it rolling.

      Been reading posts and trying everything I find without much luck.