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    Is there a way to update a character style with the changes I've made to selected text?


      I am using InDesign CS5 on OS X Yosemite.


      I'm not really sure the best way to phrase this, so hopefully this scenario makes sense.

      Let's say I have a document with a few different character styles, and on one page of the document, I decide I'd like to try something different for a title that has a character style applied to it--this style is applied to all of the same-level titles on the rest of the document. I don't adjust the character style, however, but simply adjust the formatting from the top character panel. After playing around for a while, I decide that I really like this new formatting, and would like to apply it to the rest of the document, but now I don't have a character style for it.


      I know that I could just make a new style form the title I've changed, and then go back through the rest of the document and apply it to the other styles. However, since that title still has the original style applied (just with overrides), I'd like to know if there is a quick way to update the style based on the new formatting?


      I hope that makes sense.


      Thanks for your help in advance.