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    What is the "Sublocation" category?

    haleyp33465474 Level 1

      I have Lightroom 5. I want to add a location to each of my photographsm, but only see a "sublocation" category under Metadata. Is this where I should put, Country, State, City information? Or what does Sublocation mean?


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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          In the Library Metadata panel on the right, when you select Location you should see fields labeled Sublocation, City, State / Province, Country, and ISO Country Code.


          "Sublocation" is defined by the IPTC standard to contain: "Name of a sublocation the content is focussing on -- either the location shown in visual media or referenced by text or audio media. This location name could either be the name of a sublocation to a city or the name of a well known location or (natural) monument outside a city. In the sense of a sublocation to a city this element is at the fourth level of a top-down geographical hierarchy." 


          While commercial users may have very specific conventions about how to use Sublocation, you're free to use it for whatever you want (unless you have a business need to follow someone else's conventions).  So you could enter the name of a neighborhood, a museum, a natural monument, a park, or anything else you want.

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            haleyp33465474 Level 1

            Thanks a lot! That answers my question question. Apparently, I did not see that there was a drop down menu for "Location" under the Metadata tab. I was under "Default", so I only saw the option for "sublocation".