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    Lightroom CC 2015 extremly slow in develop module working with adjustment brushes.

    MrDill Level 1

      Things have pretty much ground to a halt on the image I am trying to edit in Lightroom CC 2015 Develop Module.


      The image was shot with a Canon 5DIII and converted to a .DNG file.


      I am having to use 3 adjustment brush masks on this image, 2 of which cover 99% of the image and 1 that only covers 1% of the image.


      It takes forever to anything to happen, so I cannot compare to see if any subtle adjustments are even doing anything.


      Sometimes it puts on the Mask Overlay even though it is not checked off.


      Sometimes it even shows a different image in the navigator box.


      I have a Supermicro Workstation with 2 Xeon proccessors, 64 GB ram and a 5GB Quadro K5000 graphics card. My hard drives also have lots of space left, and the C drive is a SSD.


      Turning off hardware acceleration did speed things up, as did moving the cache from 1GB to 20GB.


      At the moment Lightroom is using around 6,000,000 k of memory and it sometimes goes up to 9,000,000 k according to Windows Task Manager (Windows 7)


      Any suggestions? Thanks.