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    ON A CLOSE DEADLINE! Some rendering problems when c4d is imported to AE


      I should preface this by saying that I'm a beginner with c4d but am more familiar with after effects.

      So I'm trying to create an effect of glass breaking in cinema 4d using nitroblast and I want the glass to be completely invisible until an object crashes into it. This works seamlessly in c4d and in its picture viewer. However, once I import the c4d file into AE, the cracks in the glass are visible in the beginning.


      So far I've tried:

      - clearing the cache and baking in the project settings

      - saving the project with assets

      - creating a new composition in after effects solely for the c4d file using its settings


      I'm sure this is probably a simple fix, but I just can't seem to find a solution


      here's a link to the c4d file:


      I'm using AE CC 2014 and cinema 4d r16