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    What is an FMObject


      I am new to the API and ExtendScript, and I am having alot of difficulty navigating the object model


      I am trying to extract the referenced file names of graphic objects.  I can get all the graphics in my docs by doing:


      var graphic = doc.FirstGraphicInDoc;      

           while (graphic) {

                  [ ... Process graphic here ... ]

                  graphic = graphic.NextGraphicInDoc;



      Per the object model browser, the FirstGraphicInDoc says it returns an FMObject.  Problem is that there does not appear to be anything shown as an FMObject in the object browser.  There is also no graphic object.  How is somebody supposed to find out what can be extracted from a graphic?   I have found some properties such as Unique and type by Googling for examples, but its very hit and miss.


      Does anyone know how I find out all of the properties and methods that can be run on an FMObject (or graphic, or whatever it is).