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    Edge SVG problems: acknowledged Illustrator CC 2015 bug !!!

    pixelwrangler Level 1

      I've been experiencing problems with getting SVG files to display properly in Edge animations.


      After a lot of frustrating experimentation and some judicious use of Google, I stumbled upon what is most likely the source of my problems. There is a HUGE acknowledged bug in the latest "update" of Illustrator CC2015. When one attempts to export SVG files from Illustrator CC2015 artboards, the program FAILS to write valid SVG code.


      Adobe has basically told users to "sit tight" while they work on a fix - for 4 to 6 weeks!!! The  only recourse is to go back to using Illustrator CC2014 for the time being.


      It's stuff like this that makes me less than sanguine about the whole CC concept, where users are more or less chained to whatever goes on as the software is "updated." Adobe pushes the new "features" while simultaneously failing to adequately test the software before each incremental update.