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    Looking for a Script, or Action, or a Preset to divide 24 x 12 in PSD files into two 12 x 12 JPG files


      I am looking for a script, or action, or a preset that I can use to divide 24 x 12 inch PSD files into two 12 x 12 JPG files that will save these jpg files into a folder for uploading to a book printing website.  I'm relatively new to PS so was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction?   Thanks

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          michelr31372089 Level 2

          I suggest following organigram (process ? My English is really terrible !).

          - the user chooses the folder where images have been copied

          - a sub-folder is created where cut images must be saved

          - if the original image is vertical or square the script creates a top and a bottom 1/2 images (image_T.jpg & image_B.jpg). In the other case left and right components (image_L.jpg & image_R.jpg).

          If you need that, I think I can help you. Please confirm before action;

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            michelr31372089 Level 2

            You can also try this script and adapt it.


            // MAC Finder ou WINDOWS Explorer

            #target photoshop


            var rulerUnit = app.preferences.rulerUnits;




            function main(){

                // Selection of the folder where images have been copied

                var inputFolder = Folder.selectDialog("Select the folder where your images have been copied : ");

                var outputFolder = Folder(inputFolder + "/save");

                if (!outputFolder.exists) outputFolder.create();

                var fileList = inputFolder.getFiles(/\.(jpg|jpeg|tif|psd|)$/i);

                // No comment

                app.displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO;

                // Pixels

                app.preferences.rulerUnits = Units.PIXELS;

                // If there are photos in the folder

                if (fileList.length>0)


                    for (var i=0;i<fileList.length;i++)


                        var docRef = open(fileList[i]);

                        var docName  = docRef.name;

                        var docName  = docName.substring( 0, docName.indexOf('.') ); //photo26 et photo43

                        var docResolution = app.activeDocument.resolution;

                        var tl = Array(0, 0); // Top Left

                        var tr = Array(inchToPix(12,docResolution),0);

                        var br = Array(inchToPix(12,docResolution), inchToPix(12,docResolution));

                        var bl = Array(0, inchToPix(12,docResolution));

                        var mySelection = Array(tl, tr, br, bl);

                        // JPEG options

                        var jpg_Options = new JPEGSaveOptions( ); 

                        jpg_Options.embedColorProfile = true; 

                        jpg_Options.formatOptions = FormatOptions.STANDARDBASELINE; 

                        jpg_Options.matte = MatteType.NONE; 

                        jpg_Options.quality = 10;


                        // Cut Image 1 and saves it



                        var newDoc1 = app.documents.add(inchToPix(12,docResolution), inchToPix(12,docResolution), docResolution, docName+"_1")

                        app.activeDocument = app.documents[1]



                        newDoc1.saveAs( File(outputFolder + '/' + newDoc1.name + ".jpg" ), jpg_Options, true );



                        // Cut image 2 and saves it



                        var newDoc2 = app.documents.add(inchToPix(12,docResolution), inchToPix(12,docResolution), docResolution, docName+"_2")

                        app.activeDocument = app.documents[1]



                        newDoc2.saveAs( File(outputFolder + '/' + newDoc2.name + ".jpg" ), jpg_Options, true );



                        // Closes the original file




                // Restores the unit preference of the user


                alert("Your files are in the subfolder \"../save\"");



            function inchToPix(valToConvert, docResolution)


                return valToConvert * docResolution;