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    spreadsheet to text layer script?


      Does anyone know of a script that will create a new photoshop file, copy a row of text from a spreadsheet, csv or delimited text from another doc, paste into a text layer, save and close, go to the next row of text and repeat until the end?

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It can be made, but I don't know of any existing scripts. Most scripts are custom for the user, which is what you want. So finding a preexisting script will be difficult if not impossible.

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            michelr31372089 Level 2

            Excuse my poor English. You create in the folder where your script is a text file in which there are 4 lines. For instance :

            Line 1

            Line 2

            Line 3

            Line 4


            The following script reads each line, creates a new doc, add a text layer above the background, writes inside the content of the line and saves the document (psd format) in the folder where the script is.

            // MAC Finder ou WINDOWS Explorer

            #target photoshop






            function main()


                var currentPath = (new File($.fileName)).path+"/";

                var fileTextName = currentPath+"lines.txt";

                var read_file = File(fileTextName);

                var line = "";

                var artLayerRef="";

                var psd_Options="";

                var newFile="";


                // Opens the text file lines.txt that exists in the script folder





                    // Creates a new Photoshop document


                    newFile = app.activeDocument;

                    // Creates a new text art layer

                    artLayerRef = newFile.artLayers.add();

                    artLayerRef.kind = LayerKind.TEXT;

                    artLayerRef.textItem.contents = line;

                    // Saves PSD options

                    psd_Options  = new PhotoshopSaveOptions(); // [PhotoshopSaveOptions]

                    psd_Options.layers  = true; // preserves layers

                    psd_Options.embedColorProfile = true; // preserves profile

                    psd_Options.annotations = true; // preserves notes

                    psd_Options.alphaChannels = true; // preserves alpha channels

                    psd_Options.spotColors = true; // preserves inks

                    // Save the new document

                    newFile.saveAs( File(currentPath + '/' + line + ".psd" ), psd_Options, true );





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              dcsimages Level 1

              Thanks Michael


              Works perfectly.


              It's such an uncomplicated script that I wonder why something similar isn't already included with the other preset scripts.

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                michelr31372089 Level 2

                Hope it will help. Best regards.